EPE Prep Course

Course Details

Instructor: Krishna Sir

EPE Exam Date: November 1st, 2020

A. Online Classes for revision:

Dates: Friday Oct 9 th

Sunday Oct 11 th

Monday Oct 12 th

Friday Oct 16 th

Sunday Oct 18 th

Time: 5.30 pm – 10 pm

Venue: ONLINE (Zoom Webinar)

B. Mock Test: 240 questions – 4-5 hrs – Timings as scheduled.

Friday 23rd Oct. Timing 3 pm – 8 pm

Cost: $500 ($650 for non AOLM students)

Please contact: Sunita: 905-273-6788 or text her at 416-319-6264


EPE Prep Course – Topics to be Covered

1. Immigration Law, Constitution/Charter Rights, Structure of Courts and Tribunals

2 .Temporary Residents -visitors, students, workers, TRP holders, Protected Persons

3. Permanent Immigration – 3 pillars – Economic – Family – Refugee and H&C

4. Inadmissibility for PR, TR and Refugees

5.  Tribunals -IRB- ID/IAD/RPD/RAD

6.  Citizenship and PR status

7.  ICCRC Code of Ethics and other Regulations

8. CHARTS/Notes for reference during the EPE exam

EPE Prep course guidelines

  1. Revision of topics for the exam to be thru online (Zoom) classes. Please be advised the class

on the last day may be extended, If all topics are not covered within the scheduled time.

  1. There will be an option of practice exam (mock test) for those who are willing to come to AOL

and do the practice test. Three test papers (total 240 questions) will be available to practice in

the classroom. Each student will be given print version of the test paper. They will complete

the practice test by marking the answers on the computer screen provided. They must return

the test paper to the facilitator before leaving the classroom. Please do not bring any electronic

gadgets like mobile phones etc. to the classroom while taking the test.

  1. The answers are scored as you complete on the screen and analysis of your score by topic is

available instantly.

  1. PLEASE DO NOT TAKE the original test papers or copies with you when you leave the

classroom after the practice exam. Practice Test papers are to be used to attempt the practice

test in the classroom only. Originals or copies of the test paper will NOT be provided to the

students under any circumstances.

  1. Time slots for taking the practice test at AOL will be scheduled for groups of students in line

with government guidelines on Physical distancing and advised in the class on Friday, 23rd Oct

  1. Everyone coming to AOL for the Mock test MUST WEAR A FACE MASK as required by the

health and safety guidelines. Please remember to keep the mask on all the time while you

are in the premises to protect yourself and others.


Contact Us

Please feel free to call us at 905-273-6788 if you have any questions or fill out the form below, and we will get in touch with you soon.

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