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For more than 30 years with over 50 Academy of Learning® College campuses, Academy of Learning’s focal point has always been and continues to be the student. It provides methods of learning that will fulfil students’ needs, as well as the requirements of today’s competitive job market. We have helped learners successfully complete over one million training courses and successfully landed on their dream jobs.

We continue to meet adult learners’ changing needs by leveraging technology to offer an innovative method of learning – virtual learning. Students have the opportunity to learn and participate in a Virtual Classroom and participate in a live session with their instructor every day. Students also master the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in their future careers through online digital media, textbooks, and software programs. A community of like-minded learners who are also changing their lives is just a click away!

In more recent years, we adopted “e-learning” technology as an extension of the Integrated Learning™ System. Students complete course materials presented within a comprehensive Academy Online system. This system incorporates online presentations, tutorials and media that combine with access to instructional materials, simulated labs, exercises, as well as quizzes, review questions, or pre- and post-tests. In this delivery method, students are supported by a qualified Online Instructor or an on-site qualified campus Facilitator.

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To improve the lives of under-served students and the communities in which they live. Globally, our flexible, supportive environment empowers dedicated students to achieve their goals.


The secret of our students success comes from training with Academy of Learning Career College’s exclusive Integrated Learning™ System. Available only at Academy of Learning Career College.

Student’s Testimonial

  • I am so excited, I just finished finished a course in Personal Support worker(PSW), and I choose this course because I am compassionate in helping clients feel loved and also helping them with their daily life activities such as bathing, eating and making them feel cared for. I was thought by a well respected Prof. Michelle Paris, she was extremely patient in her teachings, she made sure we all had the information's we needed to go through the course. For the Administration, they where very supportive with both documents and information we needed for the course, and also they assisted in getting a place for my placement, which I enjoyed and I am glad because, it was a success. And finally took my exams, and thanks God it was successful, Thanks to Mac, who guided me with the exam registrations, and thanks to all AOL staff. So I Encourage others to join the course at AOL Mississauga East, Ontario. Thanks

    Chikky Ebunoha (Google Review)
  • I recently completed the Personal Support Worker course at AOL Mississauga East and had a positive experience overall. The enrollment process was fast, and the team was helpful in answering my inquiries. I was fortunate to have an excellent teacher who provided detailed summaries of each chapter and took the time to ensure each student understood the material. The college administration was also supportive and helped me find a placement close to my home. They kept in touch with me throughout the process and made sure I received my certificate after completing the program. I'm pleased with the experience I had studying at this college. Additionally, I was able to secure a job easily after completing the program, which speaks to the quality of education I received. Thank you!

    Brenda R. (Google Review)
  • Great experience from start to finish with AOL for my PSW program certification. Professor Mandeep was super helpful and informative. Special shout out to Julia and Mac at the college for their professionalism and who have always answered my queries in a timely manner. My placement was fantastic, and the management there offered me a job which I have happily accepted. I have recommended Academy of learning to other potential students. Overall very happy with my experience!

    Sandy Sidhu (Google Review)
  • If you're looking too further your career, this is definitely the best school to do that, such exceptional support from staff whenever you need help. I had an amazing experience at this school. The classes were so informative and easy to understand and be apart off. They have such a great selection of career programs and courses to pick from. When applying for my course, they helped me too get everything done fast and efficiently.

    Nakeisha Johnson (Google Review)

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Why Professionals with PSW Certificate enjoy Career Flexibility?

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