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Do you like helping people? Consider being a Community Services Worker!

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What is Community Services Worker?

Community Services Workers are also known as Social Services Workers or Human Services Workers; they administrate numerous types of social assistance programs and community services to help people deal with personal or social difficulties. Community Services Workers work in a variety of professional areas, ranging from child and youth service, rehabilitation, veteran service, addiction service, to senior care, personal care, and other social works. It is their responsibility to provide care, support and counselling for individuals dealing with issues such as addiction, substance abuse, human relationships and rehabilitation.

Most Community Services Workers are employed by social service and
government agencies, mental health agencies, group homes, shelters,
substance abuse centers, school boards, correctional facilities, or
other organizations with a focus on community outreach and personal
care. Their responsibility may be associated with one single client or a
community group depending on the type of services required. Most of
Community Services Workers’ duties are conducted in an office
environment, with possible involvement of home support under housing
programs supported by local government or group homes.

What does Community Services Worker do?

According to Service Canada and National Household Survey data,
in 2011 approximately 58% of community and social service workers
worked in the health care and social assistance sector. About 15% worked
in public administration, primarily as income security program
administrators, mainly in the provincial civil service, but also in
municipal government. Another 14% worked in associations, especially
civil and social organizations (8%).

As a Community Services Worker, it is your duty to arrange
face-to-face appointments for individuals or group gatherings for
communities; you need to provide professional counseling for clients who
need advice or guidance in dealing with psychological, biological, or
behavioral issues. In addition, providing emotional support for clients
is another essential part of this role.
Even though Community
Services Workers operate during standard business hours, they are also
required to take on the responsibility of emotional support during
weekends and after-hours when needed. Being a Community Services Worker,
no only do you help others improve their lives, you also make a crucial
impact on their lives and eventually become a part of their lives.

How to become a Community Services Worker

In order to become A qualified Community Services Worker, you need to
obtain knowledge of the basic social work practices and social
services; you need to have the ability to understand and accept the
needs and rights of others and to work with a wide range of service
recipients; you need to have the ability to express ideas effectively;
you also need great communication and interpersonal skills to maintain a
supportive social service relationship with your clients.

Generally, you need a diploma in social service work, special care counselling or correctional intervention to become a Community Service Worker. Previous experiences in the social services sector as a volunteer or a former service recipient may also help increase you chance of future employment.

How much does a Community Services Worker make?

According to PayScale
Canada, A Community Services Worker earns an average wage of C$16.90
per hour. Most people with this job move on to other positions after 20
years in this field. Pay for this job does not change too much by
experience, and skills in Counseling are associated with high pay for
this job. The national average salary of Community Services
Workers in Canada ranges from $27,389 to $46.414 per year, with extra
overtime pay from $13.94/hr to $34,93/hr.

The job outlook for Community Service Workers

According to Service Canada, over the past few years, the
number of Community and Social Services Workers has risen very sharply,
resulting from the large increase in social service needs. Associated
with this growth, more and more communities and organizations are
actively looking for Community Services Workers to fulfill their
clients’ needs.
Since the community network is now well
established and the number of income security claimants should continue,
the number of Community and Social Services Workers is expected to grow
sharply over the next few years, but at a more moderate pace than

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wp_aolmissDo you like helping people? Consider being a Community Services Worker!

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