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3 Signs A Career in Healthcare Might Be Right For You

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Do you consider yourself to be a compassionate person? Do you long for a career where you can make difference in the lives of others? Do you seek financial stability?

If you answered yes to any of the above, it might be time to consider a career in healthcare. Below are three signs that this training path is right for you.

1. You have a desire to help people.

Every day, healthcare support workers
make a difference in the lives of their patients. Whether they are
providing personal care to a patient or coordinating services at a
hospital or clinic, healthcare workers play a critical role in keeping
Canadians healthier and happier.

2. You’re ready & willing to learn new technical skills.

Becoming a medical office assistant, health unit coordinator, or health care aide requires learning specific technical skills. You will need to become familiar with a range of medical terms as well as new computer software.

Our healthcare students complete challenging courses such as:

  • Anatomy and physiology,
  • Medical terminology,
  • Clinical procedures, and
  • EHR, billing and coding.

AOLCC lets students complete coursework at their own pace, and offers continuous one-on-one support from friendly instructors. So, as long as you’re ready and willing to learn, you’ll have no trouble at all developing the technical skills you need to succeed in healthcare.

3. You seek an in-demand career with financial stability.

An expanding healthcare sector across Canada has created increased demand for skilled, trained personnel. Studies by the Government of Canada’s Job Bank say employment outlook is promising for the following reasons:

  • employment growth in Canada’s healthcare sector,
  • a projected rise of retirements, and
  • an aging population.

Ready to take the next step and start your healthcare training? See our Health Care Related programs list:

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