English Language Assessment Session

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Join Academy of Learning College Mississauga’s English Language Assessment session on all four modules – listening, reading, writing and speaking and advice from instructor on achieving targets.

About this Event

This is a platform for you to get your language abilities assessed from certified English language trainers. You will be assessed on all the four modules, which is listening, reading, writing and speaking. You will also have an opportunity to sit with one of our instructors and discuss your performance. Your performance will be marked on a band scale of 9. You would also be advised on an action plan to achieve your target.

Make the most of this opportunity and get an expert advice on your language abilities.

Date & Time

March 13, 11 am – 3 pm

Cost : $20 (Cash Only)


1310 Dundas Street East, Unit#4, Mississauga

Academy of Learning Mississauga Campus


Limited spots are Limited. Please make a registration in advance. Call 905-273-6788 for more information.

Register here.

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English Writing Skills Workshop

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Academy of Learning Mississauga is holding a English Writing Skills Workshop to acquaint you with various styles of writing, which is going to benefit anyone who wants to improve English writing skills.

About this Event

Academy of Learning is delighted to organize a workshop on “English Writing Skills”. Keeping in mind the importance of written English communication skills, the workshop will be held at our Mississauga Campus on March 16, 2020(Monday) from 2:30 Pm to 5:30 Pm

During the workshop you will be trained on writing a variety of sentences and you will have an opportunity to write a short piece of writing.

The idea behind the workshop is to acquaint you with various styles of writing, which is going to benefit anyone who is willing to improve writing skills in English. It will also help you improve your writing score in English Language assessment tests, for instance, CAEL and IELTS.

Highlights of the workshop

• A session on Varieties of sentences

• Writing Complex sentences

• Practice based on Variety of sentences

• Tips to improve writing skills in English

Invest your time and money on skills that matter!

Venue: Academy of my Learning Mississauga Campus, 1310 Dundas St E Unit #4, Mississauga

Date & Time: March 16, 2:30 pm-5:30 pm

Fee: 10$ (Cash only)

Contact us at 905-273-6788 for any further information.

Register here

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What makes AOL Mississauga the Best Choice to Pursue Immigration Consultant Diploma?

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There are numerous factors that contribute towards the
overall success of students, and choosing the right institute is, undoubtedly,
one of the most substantial factors.

We, at Academy of Learning, take pride in what we
deliver to our students, as they pave their journey towards success with us.

There is a difference between merely receiving a certification, and having a clear understanding and expertise of what you study during the course. At AOL Mississauga, you will notice the difference since day one, you will never walk out of the class uniformed.

Key Facts about AOL Mississauga’s Immigration Consultant Diploma Course

  • Unsurpassed Faculty (seasoned in the field of immigration)
  • Accredited by the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC)
  • Your choice of schedule: at the  Academy of Learning Mississauga campus, you have options to choose from morning, evening or the Weekend Batch
  • 29 Week course, including internship
  • Updated Study Material
  • Complete preparation to challenge the ICCRC Entry to Practice Exam
  • Unmatched Guidance during the diploma and preparatory course

Student Referral Award

Your Roadmap to Become an Immigration Consultant

These are the 3 stages you must
complete to officially practice as an immigration consultant in Canada.

1. Graduate from an accredited Immigration Consultant program

2. Pass the Entry to Practice Exam conducted by the
Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC)

3. Become a member of the ICCRC

Congratulations!You are finally a regulated immigration consultant, ready to start a prospering career in the field of immigration. 

Our Success Stories

It was a great experience learning at AOL Mississauga. The highly experienced and knowledgeable instructors and advanced learning system enabled me to have acquired not only knowledge but also important skills for the immigration consultant job market. Thank you AOL Mississauga for making my career dream come true. ” – Meng Simone Zhang, Immigration Consultant Graduate

“I studied in this college and successfully cleared my EPE Exam. I am an RCIC now, thanks to AOL and their staff for helping me in attaining my goal. knowledgeable faculty, Experienced leadership is what you can expect at AOL Mississauga. ” – Imran Mohammed, Immigration Consultant Graduate

To know more about this course, visit our Immigration Consultant Diploma page, or contact us today.

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Six Tips to Score above 60 in CAEL Speaking Module

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Are you going to appear for CAEL assessment? Do you have questions on how to achieve the desired band scores in English? This article is just in time and on point to acquaint you with the tips that could be followed in order to make it easy for you to meet the requirements of English language assessment.   This article is just in time and on point to acquaint you with the tips that could be followed in order to make it easy for you to meet the requirements of English language assessment.

Here’s what you should do to improve your band score in Speaking:

  • Speak clearly and at a natural pace: It’s important to be clear and concise whenever we are taking a speaking exam. Some candidates try to develop an accent and thus, go off topic sometimes which results in a much lower band score. For you to achieve the score you need, it’s of utmost importance to speak clearly and in an organised manner.  
  • Do not worry about your accent: As a candidate you do not need to worry about your accent, all that should matter is the organisation of the content and the delivery of the content. You should start speaking as per the prompt and must be able to finish your talk in time.

  • Take notes: Taking
    notes can actually help you be fluent in your content and, eventually, you will
    sound confident, which in turn will have a positive effect on your performance
    during the speaking task. It’s crucial to make notes while you have time to
    prepare your answer for speaking.

  • Manage your time: In CAEL, each test is time bound; when it comes to speaking evaluation, you will be given a specific amount of time to plan and record your answer; do not panic during the preparation time and organize your speech in continuity as per your question prompt. Time has a significant role to play in CAEL, specifically in speaking module.

  • Use a wide range of vocabulary
    and grammatical structures:
    It’s absolutely fundamental to
    use academic English because CAEL tests you on your ability to use academic
    English. If you are able to convince the examiner of your word bank and also
    are able to use it at ease, there’s nothing that can stop you from getting the
    desired band score.

  • Practice using a computer: Since CAEL is a computer delivered test, it is, thus, advised that you should practice on a computer since day one. It will not only acquaint you with the pattern, but you will also feel much relaxed while you take the test. Speaking to oneself can be weird, so if you already practice speaking on a computer, it would be much easier for you at the test centre.

For more information about the CAEL Preparation course, please Visit our English language courses page or contact us today.

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Five Factors to Keep in Mind Before You Book the English Language Test

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In a country like Canada, it is difficult to prove your professional capabilities, if you are an immigrant, without taking a language test in either English or French or both in some cases. This is the reason that English Language Assessments play a key role in deciding your pathway to success, because language requirements are to be fulfilled in most of the professions. If you are one of the immigrants with English as a second language, continue reading the article to have a better understanding of all that requires your consideration before you make up your mind to sit for a language test. Let’s discuss each of these factors, one at a time.

Mode of Test

First thing that you should search about before booking a language is –mode of conduct. It simply means how the test would be conducted; we need to know if the test is paper based or computer based. Many of us are still not able to concentrate if we have to read something from a computer screen, and if you end up choosing a test that is computer-based, you will not be able to manage time and will keep jumping from one screen to the other. Thus, it becomes crucial to decide which mode you are most comfortable in and finalize accordingly.

Pattern of Test

Apart from the mode of test, pattern of the test stands second in line when it comes to crucial factors affecting your score in the language assessment. All the language tests are based on four modules, that is, reading, writing, listening and speaking. The patter for each differs though. For instance, there are tests in which speaking comes first (CAEL), and there are others which want you to take the listening module in the beginning (IELTS). Not only the sequence, but the kind of questions that each module has in different language tests, is also a deciding factor in your band scores. Take CAEL for example, it has every module covered in different sections, which means you will be doing Reading, Speaking and listening or writing at the same time in most of the sections, whereas, when it comes to IELTS, you will be assessed on one skill/module at a time.

Duration of test

Third of all, is the duration of the test. For some people, it becomes difficult to sit for all the modules in one go and get done with it, while there are others who specifically would prefer tests which will allow them to take the test in one go. It has a lot of psychological bearing which indirectly affects our confidence, concentration and eventually our score, so, keep the duration of the test in mind, before finalizing your test type.

Availability of Dates and Test Centres

Whether a test is available in your area and at the time you wish to take it, is another factor to be kept in mind. It can be a burden if you have to travel to another place for the sake of taking test; it will not only be tiring physically, but psychologically as well. Sometimes, there are tests which have restrictions when it comes to booking a test on a particular date and time, if there are not many options available, you might have to shuffle your schedule or take an off from work. Difficult, isn’t it?

Acceptance of Test

Finally, it’s indispensable to check if the test you have chosen is accepted for the purpose you are taking a test. There are individuals who book a test without knowing the requirements of eligibility as far as language is concerned. They do not only end up wasting money, but their efforts to get through the test as well.There have been incidents when people were required to take IELTS (Academic), but ended up taking IELTS (GENERAL), simply, because they had been too indolent to search about the eligibility requirements.

Before you decide which test to take, it’s always better to think of these five key elements that would make your choice easy and perfect.

Click here to view our available English Language Courses.

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English Language Courses Available

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We are Happy to announce the inclusion of English language Courses at our campus.

There is something for everyone at our school who wishes to learn English language. It doesn’t matter which level you are at now, we are here to help you with what you need to achieve. Whether you are looking forward to join classes for improving your communication skills or you are required to take an English language test to get a professional license in Canada, we will help you achieve the desired language score in your English exam.

All you need to do is, enroll yourself in one of the courses that suits you and participate actively during the practice sessions. Our English courses have been tailored keeping in mind the requirements of students and we are pretty flexible with the modules you want to undertake.

We offer classes in the following programs.


If you are an individual whose first language is not English and you have a desire and a need to improve your English Language skills, we are here to help you with that. You will get a chance to improve your English language skills in classroom which will have students of the same level and you will be given various task-based and text-based instructions to help you improve your communication skills in English.


Our IELTS preparation course prepares
students on achieving the desired band score in IELTS Academic and IELTS
General Module.

To select the course that suits you, you
can ask one of our admission advisors for an assessment and we will let you
know what suits you best.

There are three courses as far as our IELTS Preparation program is concerned. We have designed these courses as per the level of each student. If you are just looking forward to practice and get a feedback on your performance, we have a 20 hour program for you and if you think you want some lessons on grammar that would help you score a higher band score, we have a 40 hours course, on the other hand, if you are a beginner and you want a course that will teach you the basics, our 60 hours preparation program would be best for you.

CAEL-Canadian Academic English Language Assessment

We prepare students in CAEL, so they are
confident while taking the exam and can secure the desired band score. You will
be getting hands on practice on the sample practice tests since day one, so, by
the time you book the test, you are familiar with the pattern of the test.

The students will be trained on all the four skills that is listening, reading, writing and speaking.

For more details on our English language Courses, Please contact us today or visit our English Language Courses Page.

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