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5 things to consider for you to enroll in the immigration assistant program

In a country like Canada, immigration services are in high demand as they welcome a diverse range of individuals across the globe, they always require immigration workers to ease the process of visa filing and processing.

While choosing a career path, one should always look for their chances of success in that field. If you’re considering a career in immigration assistance, it’s crucial to equip yourself with the necessary knowledge and skills.

Here are 5 common things that you should look for while enrolling in an immigration assistant program/course:

1. Duration of course: It is important to know about the length of the immigration assistant course, to ensure how much time you need to spend or analyze that are you ready to spare that much time from your schedule.

Usually, immigration assistant courses are for less than one year approximately for 32 weeks.

There are different immigration courses like:

  • Immigration Administrative assistant
  • Immigration assistant course

2. Outcomes of the immigration assistant course: the immigration assistant course is a kind of training program that imparts knowledge and skills to make you able to further assist immigration consultants and lawyers.

You will gain knowledge about:

  • Details of Canadian Immigration Law and Policy
  • Types of visas issued by Canada.
  • Requirement of different types of visa processing
  • Business and Skilled Worker Classes
  • Temporary Entry/Labour Market Impact Assessment
  • Legal Office Procedures
  • How to create client records

3. Career opportunities: While enrolling in immigration assistant courses, it is important to look for the possible career jobs that you can grab. After the completion of the course, you will be ready to assist legal professionals.

You will have the opportunity to apply to various companies like:

  • Law firms
  • Immigration offices
  • Consultancy companies

4. Flexibility: Nowadays, in the busy schedule of life, flexibility, of course, does matter. If you consider taking an immigration assistant course online, or part-time, then it would provide you with the flexibility of time and allow you to complete the course at your own pace. Furthermore, verify that the college is at a convenient location or has online resources for remote study.

5. The demand for Immigration Assistants in Canada: It is important to understand the demand for this profession. Canada is a leading country, that allows the maximum number of immigrants, which means more workforce is required in the immigration sector, to overcome the backlog. So, right now choosing this profession will be your best decision.

Additional factor:

Cost of the immigration assistant course: Another factor that needs to be investigated is the fees of the immigration assistant course in Canada. Investing in education is an investment that should have a fruitful outcome, so you should look at whether it is suitable for your pocket to spend that much money.

Generally, the fees for the immigration assistant course are less, affordable, and worth having a good career opportunity.

Are you ready to take up the Immigration Assistant course?

Enrolling in an Immigration Assistant Course is a significant step toward a rewarding career in immigration services. By considering the factors mentioned above, you can make an informed decision that aligns with your career goals.

If you’re looking to pursue an Immigration Assistant Course in Ontario, the Academy of Learning Mississauga East Campus is an excellent choice. With their reputable program, experienced instructors, and commitment to student success, they offer a comprehensive education in the field of immigration services. To learn more about their Online Immigration Assistant Course, contact the Academy of Learning Mississauga East Campus at 905-273-6788 or visit their website at

Take the first step toward a fulfilling career in immigration services by joining the Academy of Learning Mississauga East Campus today!

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Rattan Lal5 things to consider for you to enroll in the immigration assistant program
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What makes AOL Mississauga the Best Choice to Pursue Immigration Consultant Diploma?

There are numerous factors that contribute towards the overall success of students, and choosing the right institute is, undoubtedly, one of the most substantial factors.

We, at Academy of Learning, take pride in what we deliver to our students, as they pave their journey towards success with us.

There is a difference between merely receiving a certification, and having a clear understanding and expertise of what you study during the course. At AOL Mississauga, you will notice the difference since day one, you will never walk out of the class uniformed.

Key Facts about AOL Mississauga’s Immigration Consultant Diploma Course

  • Unsurpassed Faculty (seasoned in the field of immigration)
  • Accredited by the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC)
  • Your choice of schedule: at the  Academy of Learning Mississauga campus, you have options to choose from morning, evening or the Weekend Batch
  • 29 Week course, including internship
  • Updated Study Material
  • Complete preparation to challenge the ICCRC Entry to Practice Exam
  • Unmatched Guidance during the diploma and preparatory course
Student Referral Award

Your Roadmap to Become an Immigration Consultant

These are the 3 stages you must complete to officially practice as an immigration consultant in Canada.

1. Graduate from an accredited Immigration Consultant program

2. Pass the Entry to Practice Exam conducted by the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC)

3. Become a member of the ICCRC

Congratulations!You are finally a regulated immigration consultant, ready to start a prospering career in the field of immigration. 

Our Success Stories

It was a great experience learning at AOL Mississauga. The highly experienced and knowledgeable instructors and advanced learning system enabled me to have acquired not only knowledge but also important skills for the immigration consultant job market. Thank you AOL Mississauga for making my career dream come true. ” – Meng Simone Zhang, Immigration Consultant Graduate

“I studied in this college and successfully cleared my EPE Exam. I am an RCIC now, thanks to AOL and their staff for helping me in attaining my goal. knowledgeable faculty, Experienced leadership is what you can expect at AOL Mississauga. ” – Imran Mohammed, Immigration Consultant Graduate

To know more about this course, visit our Immigration Consultant Diploma page, or contact us today.

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wp_aolmissWhat makes AOL Mississauga the Best Choice to Pursue Immigration Consultant Diploma?
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