Five Factors to Keep in Mind Before You Book the English Language Test

In a country like Canada, it is difficult to prove your professional capabilities, if you are an immigrant, without taking a language test in either English or French or both in some cases. This is the reason that English Language Assessments play a key role in deciding your pathway to success, because language requirements are to be fulfilled in most of the professions. If you are one of the immigrants with English as a second language, continue reading the article to have a better understanding of all that requires your consideration before you make up your mind to sit for a language test. Let’s discuss each of these factors, one at a time.

Mode of Test

First thing that you should search about before booking a language is –mode of conduct. It simply means how the test would be conducted; we need to know if the test is paper based or computer based. Many of us are still not able to concentrate if we have to read something from a computer screen, and if you end up choosing a test that is computer-based, you will not be able to manage time and will keep jumping from one screen to the other. Thus, it becomes crucial to decide which mode you are most comfortable in and finalize accordingly.

Pattern of Test

Apart from the mode of test, pattern of the test stands second in line when it comes to crucial factors affecting your score in the language assessment. All the language tests are based on four modules, that is, reading, writing, listening and speaking. The patter for each differs though. For instance, there are tests in which speaking comes first (CAEL), and there are others which want you to take the listening module in the beginning (IELTS). Not only the sequence, but the kind of questions that each module has in different language tests, is also a deciding factor in your band scores. Take CAEL for example, it has every module covered in different sections, which means you will be doing Reading, Speaking and listening or writing at the same time in most of the sections, whereas, when it comes to IELTS, you will be assessed on one skill/module at a time.

Duration of test

Third of all, is the duration of the test. For some people, it becomes difficult to sit for all the modules in one go and get done with it, while there are others who specifically would prefer tests which will allow them to take the test in one go. It has a lot of psychological bearing which indirectly affects our confidence, concentration and eventually our score, so, keep the duration of the test in mind, before finalizing your test type.

Availability of Dates and Test Centres

Whether a test is available in your area and at the time you wish to take it, is another factor to be kept in mind. It can be a burden if you have to travel to another place for the sake of taking test; it will not only be tiring physically, but psychologically as well. Sometimes, there are tests which have restrictions when it comes to booking a test on a particular date and time, if there are not many options available, you might have to shuffle your schedule or take an off from work. Difficult, isn’t it?

Acceptance of Test

Finally, it’s indispensable to check if the test you have chosen is accepted for the purpose you are taking a test. There are individuals who book a test without knowing the requirements of eligibility as far as language is concerned. They do not only end up wasting money, but their efforts to get through the test as well.There have been incidents when people were required to take IELTS (Academic), but ended up taking IELTS (GENERAL), simply, because they had been too indolent to search about the eligibility requirements.

Before you decide which test to take, it’s always better to think of these five key elements that would make your choice easy and perfect.

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wp_aolmissFive Factors to Keep in Mind Before You Book the English Language Test

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