Is PSW Courses really free? Know about your role!

The deadly Covid19 pandemic has drastically affected the people in the entire world. Canada has been no exception and has been badly affected. Coupled with the acute shortage of trained manpower, the toll has been quite high. The healthcare industry is witnessing a downfall in their staff and long term care homes.

As a result, PSWs are in high demand who are one of the most valuable members of the healthcare industry. In order to empower the PSW program, the government of Ontario has decided to support the residents of their country with a long-term care program by launching a full time free PSW program! Apply Now!

Now, you will be thinking that this course is going to be extremely expensive, but do not worry! It’s totally free. Yes, you read that correctly. It’s free!! It is sponsored by the Canadian government to ensure that there is no shortage of trained manpower needed to take care of the elderly and people with disabilities.

Free PSW Course Online All Canadians selected between June 1 and September 30, 2022 to start our Personal Support Worker program will be eligible to receive funding from the government. The Personal Support Worker Challenge Fund will provide you the money for tuition, textbooks, and supplies, plus a stipend to support students while they’re on work placements. Eligible students will receive financial assistance from the PSW Challenge Fund.

Colleges like AOL Mississauga are known for their legacy in this field. These colleges ensure that all processes are held smoothly and seamlessly. They have vast experience in healthcare industry education catering to the needs of elderly.

You must be wondering about the exact role of a PSW and why it is a great fitting choice for you. PSWs are valuable members of the healthcare industry. PSW provides care and assistance to clients/patients of any age who have defined health care needs and who require assistance with activities of daily living which include tasks such as eating, bathing, grooming, dressing, toileting. Some clients might also need help with shopping, housework, and meal preparation. A PSW can help with all of those.
If you are a kind and patient person who would like to help provide care and look after people, you may want to consider this rewarding role as a career for you.

To become a PSW, you need to do the PSW Certification Program. The program covers topics such as
● Assisting with Personal Hygiene
● Nutrition and Hydration
● Safety
● Mobility
● Exercise
● Palliative Care

Is PSW Courses really free Know about your role!

You may work at nursing homes, home-care companies, long-term care facilities, and hospitals. You will be the “eyes and ears” of nurses and doctors, who may not have the time to visit each patient every day. You will assist and observe their clients, keeping a watch for any changes in behavior or health and reporting those changes to the nurses and doctors, as the case may be.

PSWs are hugely respected by everyone for the work they do. Families, in particular, appreciate their care and dedication to their loved ones very much. Often families don’t have enough time, energy or resources to look after their older parents or a family member with a disability. All this is learnt through theory, lab practice and clinical or community experiences. You learn how to deliver person centered care, encourage independence and improve the quality of life for your clients.

In case you are looking for a stable health care career, this is an excellent choice. So, hurry up, not much time is left. Let’s gear up for a rewarding career with these lucrative PSW courses being offered for free. Apply today to AOL Mississauga and we will be there to help in every possible way!

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wp_aolmissIs PSW Courses really free? Know about your role!

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