Early Childhood Assistant Diploma is designed to prepare you to support the development of children, and set up a stimulating learning landscape. This will enable graduates to play a positive and productive role in the early childhood education and care sector and to support strong foundations for young learners.

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  • Diploma Program:
  • 9 months
  • English
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The Early Childhood Assistant (ECA) diploma program will equip you with the skills and knowledge required to provide developmentally appropriate child care for children. Through this diploma course, you will learn the fundamentals of early childcare, rules and regulations of the Canadian early childhood education sector. Successful completion of the ECA education diploma will enhance your chances gain employment in early childcare settings and early learning centers as an assistant. Our diploma program is designed and approved by NACC (National Association of Career Colleges).

Early Childhood Assistant (ECA) diploma course takes nine months to complete and has two mandatory block placements of 245 hrs each. The theory part (12 Modules = 445 hrs) is finished in class whereas the practicums are to be done in placement sites. Placement #1 is done in infant /toddler class and Placement #2 is done in preschool.

*Notes: Before entering the program, in compliance with the law for working in vulnerable sectors, students must submit:

  • Satisfactory medical examination
  • Police reference check (vulnerable sector check)

Before starting the Practicum, students will require to be CPR certified.

Program Overview

  • Program Type:  Diploma
  • Anticipated salary: C$30,000 – C$50,000 (Information from PayScale Canada)
  • Program Duration: 9 months
  • Program Notes: Financial assistance may be available to qualified students.
  • Program Category: Healthcare Programs

Program Syllabus: Click to Download

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Career Opportunities

Graduates may find employment as assistant educators:

  • Child care centers
  • Nursery schools
  • Family-home for child care

Duties and Responsibilities

Some of the duties and responsibilities of an assistant involve:

  • assist and participate in the day to day operations of a childcare centre or early learning center
  • help to provide a nurturing, caring environment in which young children can thrive
  • understand the physical, emotional and intellectual development of children from infancy to age 6
  • maintain a professional approach while observing and guiding children throughout the day
  • demonstrate effective communication skills with parents, children and co-workers
  • provide opportunities to enhance children’s self-esteem during daily activities
  • encourage socialization of children as they play and experience things together
  • be knowledgeable in related health and safety issues during daily operations (Source- NACC)

Course Details

  1. Introduction to Early Childcare & Education
  2. Role and Responsibilities
  3. Child, Family and Community
  4. Introduction to Child Development
  5. Introduction to Prenatal and Infant Development
  6. Introduction to Toddler Development
  7. Health and Safety
  8. Written Communication
  9. Observation Skills
  10. Orientation to Practicum

11. Practicum i: Infant and Toddler
12. Introduction to Preschool Development
13. Guiding Children
14. Curriculum Planning
15. Nutrition
16. Practicum ii: Preschool
17. Job Search training


Financial Aid

Financial assistance may be available for those who qualify. Options for assistance that may be available to you include:

Please click here to see the detailed information on Financial aid.

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