Marketing Co-ordinator

Course Details

Duration: 43 Weeks

Hours: 953

The Marketing Coordinator Diploma is designed to prepare students for entry-level marketing positions relating to a variety of marketing and designing activities. Its objective is to expose students to a broad range of marketing knowledge and processes, administration skills, communication and practical tools that will assist them in day to day dealing with scenarios within a marketing related career. The program will provide the skills to progress into managerial and supervisory positions, given the proper combination of skills, experience, personal attributes, and additional training.

The program will also teach students leading-edge marketing skills and current course curriculum relevant to today’s businesses in Canada, and in some cases, internationally. Professional skills that are in high demand by employers. These skills include: team-work, communication, customer service, leadership, research and problem solving. A solid knowledge of marketing practices and principles, skills that can be applied internationally as well as in North America. It also develops the student’s ability to relate and apply this knowledge to the many facets of marketing.

Career Opportunities

  • Marketing Manager
  • Media and Other related organizations
  • Telecommunications
  • Self Employed
  • Marketing and Event planner
  • Sales

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