Medical Receptionist

26 Weeks Diploma Program

In such a short time I was able to earn a diploma, I was so thrilled! Flexible study hours has helped me to achieve both professional skills and knowledge required to work in any medical field. – Amelia A.

The Medical Receptionist program is to provide the student with opportunities to acquire and apply the knowledge of Medical Receptionist skills to meet the demands of today’s business. Medical Receptionists are the primary contact point between patients and medical personnel.

Why choose Medical Receptionist Program at AOL?

The length of the program is only 26 weeks and can choose flexible study hours and the opportunity to gain professional skills required in any medical organization in a very short time.

Career Highlights

Careers which correspond to the skills learned include:

  • Dental Receptionist
  • Medical Receptionist
  • Optometrists Receptionist
  • Physicians Receptionist

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