All about PSW Certification Program – A career in high demand

There is a very high demand for Personal Support Workers (PSWs) in Canada right now. This is due to a shortage of healthcare staff in hospitals, long-term care homes, and in the community. Also, the healthcare industry is observing a severe staff shortage which in turn increases the demand for PSWs. This is one of the key reasons for the government of Ontario to fund the training of PSWs to cater to the needs of elderly and people with illnesses and disabilities.

People are getting older here and living longer. Generally, older people are more at risk of illness and disability, for which they require care and assistance. Elderly people especially feel helpless and need support for maintaining their health and routine, in return for which they can pay the PSWs. This has led to a sharp increase in the demand for PSWs. And if you are passionate about helping the elderly or those who are disabled or ill, and would like a quick start in the healthcare industry, this is the very promising option for you to pursue in your career . As a result, the demand for PSWs will continue to increase in the future.

For this to be almost free of cost for you, you will have to enroll before September 30, 2022 to start the Personal Support Worker program and receive funding from the government. AOL Mississauga has been helping students for vast courses for a long duration and takes utmost pride and ownership in assisting the students throughout the program. You can get a free funding which will allow you to concentrate on your career rather than the monetary aspect.

PSW - Personal Support Worker Program

What will be your job like after you finish this lucrative course with AOL, Mississauga?

You will be helping out your doctors and nurses with their patients by doing their daily tasks like

• personal grooming of your patients,
• their hygiene needs,
• interact with the aged persons by making them more mobile, that is making sure they are getting up from the bed and moving around for a certain time as conveyed by the doctor or the nurse, remind them for their medication on time,
• making them do their prescribed exercises or therapies on time,
• helping to confirm that the diet plan they are having is nutritious,
• ensuring that they are available for their appointments and other social activities they might want to indulge in,
• you should be willing to meet the needs of an aging population,
• you should be able to work along well with others

You may be working in nursing homes, hospitals, or home-care companies as the “eyes and ears” of nurses and doctors, who themselves may not have the time to meet and see for themselves the status of each patient daily. So, you will inform them if any need arises.

You may also be asked to assist and observe their patients, keep a watch for any sudden changes in their health or behavior and immediately report these observations to the concerned nurses and doctors, as the case may be.

You will also provide an essential service to families who are not able to care for their loved ones, by offering them peace of mind and giving good care to their needy relatives who need the care, but are not able to get a proper nurse or a doctor.

Remember, as a personal support worker, you will have a special role that cannot be filled by doctors, nurses, or even the patient’s very own family. You will get to spend the most time with the patient and directly assist in their physical and social well being.

PSW - Personal Support Worker Program2

Now, what makes it so lucrative for you? Simple. As a PSW, you will be earning around $20-$30/Hour. So, considering an average wage of $25, and if you work for 30 hours in a week, this will work out to $3000 every month with just 30 hours of work every week. IN a year, on an average, you can easily earn around $40,000 in a year. Now, just calculate how much more you can earn if you are willing to work for more hours as a Personal Support Worker!!

But you will have to hurry up. The seats are getting up filled real quick. AOL, Mississauga and other education institutions and academies can surely assist you in all aspects related to joining and completing the course successfully.

With the complete and carefully designed curriculum, you will have the theoretical knowledge and practical experience that you will need to be recruited by the employers, even if you are just a fresh graduate. For further information about the PSW Certification Program be sure to contact Academy of Learning College.

Please note that there is a deadline. In order to benefit from the government funding, you need to be successfully registered and start the program before September 30th, 2022. So don’t wait, call now!

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